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Token Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed industry after industry, AI will now do the same.

Andrew NG


Neuromation seeks to provide liquidity for token holders in all geographies via listings on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Community members can buy NTK on the following approved exchanges:

  • Background

  • Background

NTK Community

Neuromation's Pledge

  • Neuromation Medium Blog

    Neuromation pledges to first consider the interests of the NTK Community whenever considering any decision or considering any business opportunity

  • Neuromation Medium Blog

    Neuromation pledges to use NTK as the exclusive means of exchange on the Neuromation Platform

  • Neuromation Medium Blog

    Neuromation pledges that for the coming year, 100% 
of company revenues will be used to buy NTK

Neuromation’s Commitment to Transparency

Neuromation provides quarterly progress updates, including updates on platform development, custom AI solutions work and NTK market dynamics

See corporate transparency checklist


  • What is NTK’s Burn Policy?

    1% of all commissions charged by Neuromation on NTK transactions on the Platform will be permanently removed from circulation.

    We would like to reassure the community that Neuromation will continue to support the NTK burn policy as described in the Neuromation Whitepaper in its broad outlines but the amounts burned during each time period will vary according to the services being offered, the commission rates charged and the actual volume of NTK transactions on the Neuromation Platform, and will not be governed by past forecasts of future activity.

  • Does Neuromation Have a Lockup Policy for NTK?

    All Neuromation management are prohibited from transacting in NTK during their vesting periods, which are typically 2-4 years from issuance date; and Neuromation pledges not to engage in the purchase or sale of NTK in advance of announcements or product releases.

  • What is Going On With Pricing of NTK?

    Neuromation will release a statement regarding NTK pricing and volume dynamics quarterly. The previous such statement is included in Neuromation’s Q3 Quarterly Report.


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